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SEO audit is essentially the technical evaluation of an existing web resource (website, blog, portal, online shop etc.) and preparation of SEO specification in order to comply with search engines’ guidelines and principles of websites’ evaluation.

In order to achieve higher rankings in Google, during our SEO experience we have observed that only in a very tiny portion of our SEO clients websites Google guidelines and principles of websites’ evaluation have been taken into account. Furthermore, in several cases website programmers who later make changes in code have no clue whatsoever (by disagreeing with our own research results) that fragments of code we have pointed out that need to be changed actually do affect Google rankings. To achieve top10 rankings in a local Google version (for example, in, etc.), it is often enough to make only changes within the code of a website without increasing the amount of backlinks.

Our SEO audit services consist of your web resource’s technical evaluation, determination of most appropriate keywords and key phrases by which it is necessary to do SEO, and SEO specification which is a document by which any programmer will be able to make the requested changes.

SEO specification consists of step-by-step spot-on changes mentioned with precise fragments of code that need to be changed and also the most appropriate changes for each fragment of code. All that is necessary afterward is a simple copy and paste work.

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