SEO services

At the moment we offer 5 different services (SEO and PPC) for our clients:

  • SEO audit (keyword analysis and website source code optimization);
  • Integrated SEO services (SEO LUX services - clients have to pay only for the results in terms of ranking positions in Google);
  • SEO monitoring (our own SEO monitoring system allows to track daily changes of your website's Google, Bing or Yandex postions, to track your competitor positions in those search engines, track changes of SEO quantitative factors - PageRank, different SEOmoz developed factors and much more)
  • Google AdWords account configuration.

Detailed information on our services can be found in subchapters where you will also find forms of application for each service. By filling out these forms of application you may not only apply for the service but also ask further questions about terms of our services.

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  1. Collecting Google rank data for your website or online shop on several keywords;
  2. Reports on Google ranks by e-mail;
  3. Applying for integrated individual SEO services.