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Network wide Google PageRank update


Last night (maybe last evening) Google has updated PageRank values.

Google PageRank update


Last night Google has updated PageRank values (previous update was on 4th/5th August).

Are you a SEO service provider? Use our SEO monitoring system to improve client service!


If you are a SEO service provider and care for servicing your clients, we offer you to use our SEO monitoring system.

Yandex and Bing Position Monitoring


With the increasing interest of the clients from Latvia and Lithuania about the position monitoring at Yandex search engine, now we have added the feature of keyword position monitoring also in this search engine in our system. In addition, we added Bing position monitoring in our system.

New Opportunity - Monitoring of Top 10 Google Results


Since 14/05/2011, we have added a new opportunity for the monitoring users registered in the portal - monitoring of top10 Google results.

New online tools: Page Authority and Domain Authority metrics from SEOmoz


A new feature has been introduced – Page Authority and Domain Authority lookup for any website of interest.

Changes in payment system


In the next two days we plan to change the currency of internal payments in the system and therefore also ad link bidding prices from lats to euros thereby facilitating further development of the system.

SEOportal in Lithuania!


In response to growing demand for SEO services as an effective advertising tool in Latvia, we have started to develop in other countries, too.

Local Google PageRank Update for Latvia


After a network-wide PageRank update carried out on October 31st Google has made another PageRank update for websites located in Latvia.

Google Continues to Dominate in Latvia


According to latest statistical data, on the last week of October (from October 26th till November 1st), out of all search queries in search engines made in Latvia, Google ranks first with 97.57%. No other Google competitor as of yet has been able to offer serious competition. Ranked second in Latvia is Yandex with 1.23%.

Google PageRank Update


On Friday last week (October 31st) Google made a network wide PageRank update.

SEO or AdWords: What Should I Choose?


What should I choose: SEO or Adwords? Many of us have probably asked ourselves this while considering online advertisement campaigns. But have you evaluated all pros and cons? We have summed up pros and cons in order to help you decide what the better choice for each situation is. – First in-depth SEO Portal in Latvia!


With the help of this portal you will be able not only to buy backlinks in other websites, but also get additional information about SEO and apply for integrated SEO services.

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