Last night (maybe last evening) Google has updated PageRank values.


Last night Google has updated PageRank values (previous update was on 4th/5th August).


If you are a SEO service provider and care for servicing your clients, we offer you to use our SEO monitoring system.


With the increasing interest of the clients from Latvia and Lithuania about the position monitoring at Yandex search engine, now we have added the feature of keyword position monitoring also in this search engine in our system. In addition, we added Bing position monitoring in our system.


Since 14/05/2011, we have added a new opportunity for the monitoring users registered in the portal - monitoring of top10 Google results.


A new feature has been introduced – Page Authority and Domain Authority lookup for any website of interest.


In the next two days we plan to change the currency of internal payments in the system and therefore also ad link bidding prices from lats to euros thereby facilitating further development of the system.


In response to growing demand for SEO services as an effective advertising tool in Latvia, we have started to develop SEOportal.eu in other countries, too.

New online tools: Page Authority and Domain Authority metrics from SEOmoz

Thanks to lasting cooperation with SEOmoz, which is a well known SEO consulting company ranking among top 10 in the field, the users of our portal are now able to check the Page Authority and Domain Authority metrics of their own or their competitors’ websites in one click.

SEOmoz came up with algorithms for both these metrics by analyzing tens or even hundreds of traditional SEO factors. Rest assured – these are not just theoretic calculations, they are based on SEOmoz’s regular website indexing, which is similar to that of Google.

In point of fact Domain Authority reflects the overall competitiveness of a domain on a 100-point logarithmic scale. Page Authority, while using a similar scale, shows the competitiveness of a particular URL.

Both Page Authority and Domain Authority are regularly updated (normally, on a monthly basis) and therefore are fairly accurate and in any case much more accurate than PageRank, because of the 100-point scale and frequent updates.

In order to make sure that both characteristics are credible and statistically justified, you can have a look at SEOmoz’s description of some of the SEO metrics they include: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/googles-algorithm-pretty-charts-math-stuff

You can also watch SEOmoz’s video review for a more in-depth discussion of Page Authority and Domain Authority: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/whiteboard-friday-domain-authority-page-authority-metrics.

Currently you can check the Page Authority and Domain Authority scores by means of the PageRank, Page Authority & Domain Authority lookup tool on the main page of SEOportal.eu. In the near future we will introduce the metrics into our system, where they will be published and updated for every domain and URL, daily. As a result you will be able to monitor your Page Authority and Domain Authority scores over time just like you do with PageRank.

Before buying links you can check the Page Authority and Domain Authority scores in addition to PageRank in order to choose the website, blog or e-shop that best fits the bill.

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