monitoring system offer for SEO service providers

We would like to offer you to use the SEO monitoring system, so that you could improve the service quality for your SEO clients! Monitoring System provides for:

  • Identifying the positions of topical keywords for a website in Google, Yandex and Bing search engines;
  • Opportunity of  following the changes of Google PageRank, SEOmoz Domain Authority and Page Authority parameters for the homepage sections of your interest;
  • Following Google top10 positions (and respectively - those of the direct competitors);
  • Carrying out analysis of a website section code, applying criteria officially set by Google;
  • Receiving reports on the achieved positions  on e-mail.

Your Reseller Account Options:

  • Option of adding and deleting clients (defining their administrative rights in the system  - allowed/not allowed to add new additional domains, keywords, URL monitoring etc. options);
  • Option of defining the domains and keywords to be monitored for each client.

Reseller's accounts and monthly costs:

Monitoring limitsPlan #1Plan #2Plan #3Plan #4
costs per month (EUR, excl. VAT)28,5034,5064,0099,50

Additional Services:

  • Own domain*: EUR 15/month (the minimum cooperation agreement term is 3 months), EUR 50 installation fee;
  • Own logo upon logging on the system: EUR 15/month (the minimum cooperation agreement term is 3 months), EUR 50 installation fee.

* - own sub-domain defining option - clients would log on the system from your sub-domain and receive reports from your e-mail (i.e., the clients would not be aware that the system developed by is used at all).

Available Discounts:

  • If you provide a proxy via which the monitoring will be carried out;
  • If the payment is made at once for half a year – a discount equal to 1 month fee, for a year - 2 months fee discount.

Main Benefits:

  • Clear overview of the results achieved  and progress made available to the client online - no need of preparing manually a report on the achieved results each month;
  • Clients can receive an automated report about the achieved positions by e-mail;
  • You do not have to carry out position identification manually from a local computer every day - the monitoring is carried out automatically;
  • Improved service > more satisfied current client > more potential clients.

Additional Comments:

  • The system is being developed on a regular basis and time after time new functionality is added, which will be added to the reseller accounts, as well.


Access monitoring system user

Recover password Terms of Registration

Why register?

  1. Collecting Google rank data for your website or online shop on several keywords;
  2. Reports on Google ranks by e-mail;
  3. Applying for integrated individual SEO services.