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Our company practice web development for more than 6 years. In this time we have developed several hundreds of websites and online shops.

Since summer 2008 we have started to provide SEO (search engine optimization) services and it is our new business unit with promising options in future. At the moment our main emphasis is put on website and online shop optimization for Google because as Gemius online research data show on 3rd quarter of year 2009 more than 97% of all visits made from a search engines come from Google and this high percentage is stable in a long period of time.

Why did we choose to provide SEO services? In our practice we have experienced time and time again than no matter how professionally made and thought-out a website or an online shop is, to start up a business you need to be found on internet. No doubt there are a lot of means which are available to manage an advertisement campaign (television, social portals etc.) though because of high expenses for these means not always businesses can afford them. SEO offers to reach your direct audition that use search engines to find the necessary information with relatively small budget, and not only to reach top100 positions in Google but to reach top10 that will allow you to build your website or online shop’s amount of visitors which in a result may turn to your customers.

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