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Find out why our SEO services are the most advantageous in Latvia!

Keyword analysis

Find out how potential customers look for your company's products or services!

Competitor assessment

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors!

SEO audit

Find out and fix the technical shortcomings of your page!

Text creation

We will create and customize the content of your page to Google technical requirements!

Content marketing

We will prepare and use advertisements to achieve a long-term effect.

Link delivery

We will attach verified and secure links to your site!

Online reports

Get an accurate report of your page's position in a Google search by specific keywords.

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Set a goal - we will help you achieve it!

SEOportal identifies deficiencies in the content and design of the page, resolves them, and modifies the page to meet Google's technical requirements. We perform all the necessary daily work to achieve the goal set by the client!


About SEOportal

Searching for information on Google is as common and familiar as a morning coffee for breakfast. It is also shown by numbers. About 95% of Europeans, including Latvians, use Google as their main search service. Working with Google is a part of our daily routine. We analyze, observe, and help understand what people are searching for and what they want to find out with the help of Google. By drawing on our experience, we help businesses get into the top positions of a Google search.

Why us?
  • Professional, united and responsive team
  • We have been working since 2008
  • Continuous self-improvement in the professional field
  • Result-oriented cooperation with the client
  • Good reputation among industry professionals
Our strengths
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Always the most suitable and appropriate solution
  • High customer service standards
  • We can meet the tightest deadlines
  • Flexible pricing policy
Business standards
  • Mutual respect and loyalty
  • Respect for privacy
  • Responsibility for each step of the completed task
  • Interest in achieving the goals set by the client
Customer benefits
  • High positions in Google search results
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Increase in the number of customers and transactions
  • Increase in the company's turnover

SEO (website optimisation): Why is SEO necessary for business?

SEO (also known as website optimisation for search engines), including the optimisation of online stores and other websites (commonly known also as SEO optimisation) for internet search engines cannot be regarded as a new service in Latvia anymore. Website optimisation as a service has been actively offered in Latvia since around 2008.

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Become visible!

If your company has a website or an online store, you definitely want it to be seen in the highest ranking position possible in the Google search results as the majority of people pay attention to the search results on the first page only when searching for information in Google. What should you do? You should use SEO services and adjust your website or online store according to the requirements of Google.

  • Adjust your website to the technical requirements of Google;
  • Make the structure of the page easily understood by customers;
  • Create content which meets the needs of the Google search engine and those of your customers.

Become reachable!

SEO services help companies to achieve and maintain TOP results in the Google search engine both in Latvia and abroad. It involves a set of activities performed in close cooperation with the client’s marketing representatives to maximise also the return from each marketing campaign.


  • Increase the number of quality incoming requests from customers;
  • Pay for the achieved results;
  • Increase the turnover.

What are the advantages of SEO?

If correctly used, SEO services allow to save advertising costs in the long-term as well as increase sales figures, since the majority of clients show more trust to organic search results rather than a paid advertisement. SEO services may be successfully used in combination with other types of digital marketing advertisements as well.

  • Save on advertising costs;
  • Significantly increase sales;
  • Become visible to everyone.

Set a goal - we will help you achieve it!

SEO services start with identifying shortcomings in the content and structure of the website, eliminating them and transforming the website according to the technical requirements of Google. SEO services are performed with full responsibility for everyday works in order to achieve and maintain the goal pursued by the client. An action plan is developed based on the collected data.

SEO services include the following key steps:

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Keyword analysis
During the keyword analysis we study and define which keywords and phrases people choose when searching for a particular product or service in the Google search engine.
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Keyword definition
Defining direct, indirect and intermediary keywords and phrases.
Technical work image
Technical maintenance
Identification of the changes to be introduced in the webpage and performance of technical work – based on the obtained data from the analysis, we define what should be done with the content and technical structure of the page.
Google rating image
Improvement of Google indicators
Directing the webpage in the Google search engine according to particular keywords by using the resources and knowledge of SEOportal.
Regular reports image
Regular reports
Regular reports on the dynamics of indicators – a gradual process which confirms the accuracy of the tactics used to achieve the set objectives.

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Become reachable!

SEOportal helps companies achieve TOP results on Google search results both in Latvia and abroad.
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Our customers & reviews

After improving website's rankings for the most important keywords the number of calls our office receives has significantly increased!

- SIA "Pygmalion" (

"Labo logu aģentūra" and "Datateks" have been cooperating in the field of SEO for several years. In order to successfully operate in Latvian market, it is not enough to provide quality services - it is very important to sell these services. Search engines have become one of the most important channels for attracting customers, and it was the team of "Datateks" that provided our company indispensable support to successfully use this channel.

So far, the cooperation has been positive, we were pleasantly impressed by the competence of the company’s specialists and their way of working. Thanks to the professional work we have doubled the number of visits to our website and have significantly increased our company’s turnover. We are planning to continue our cooperation with "Datateks" in the field of SEO also in the future and reach new heights in our professional activity.

- SIA "Eiropas metāls" (

Our company had to develop a new version of our website and one of the most important factors for the development was to retain rankings in the Google search results by the most essential keywords of our industry, such as "translations", "translation agency", "translation company", "translation services".

We chose "Datateks" for the development of our website, as their offer and contract precisely described what we needed. We are fully satisfied with the SEO results of, all is good and some rankings even have improved!

We can definitely recommend "Datateks" as a good cooperation partner in this field! Thank you for the good work!

- SIA "POLYGLOT tulkojumi" (

Car repair service "Draivs" started cooperation with "Datateks" as we saw the internet as one of the most important channels for attracting new customers. When looking for options on how to become easily found and visible, and also reachable for clients on the internet, good people recommended "Datateks". After reviewing the cooperation terms, it seemed fair that we pay only for the achieved results instead of mystic, difficult to measure and non-beneficial terms. Currently we have met our targets and we plan to continue our cooperation.

- SIA "DRVS" (
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